Kinetix partners with zebra technologies

Kinetix Software Solutions and Zebra Technologies have partnered to provide an integrated solution with Receiving Labels on Demand.  Kinetix now offers the complete line of Zebra Products.

"This partnership with Zebra allows Kinetix to offer a one stop solutions for software, printers, and mobile devices."

- Kevin Wengert, President, Kinetix Software Solutions

Receiving Labels on Demand

  The latest installation of Receiving Labels on Demand at Hillcrest Food Service in Cleveland, Ohio.

"We are very pleased with the receiving labels on demand.  Not only has the company saved money but the users are very happy with it.  This has saved them so much time.  One of the biggest loads we receive is 400 items and they used to have to fumble around in the labels looking for the correct label for that item.  Now, they just scan the bar code and the label is there.  Also, we have different warehouses and sometimes the user would print the labels in both facilities.  This is very costly with the labels.  Now, we do not have to worry about that.  They have the printer with them and will only send the labels once.

We estimate that we will also save close to $500 annually on labels and ribbon, over and above the money saved in increased receiver productivity.  Also, the implementation was very easy.  This took about an hour to set up the printers and testing took another hour.

This has been one of the best changes that our company has done and we would recommend this for every food distributor."

Carolyn Abouelhana, Hillcrest Food Service, Cleveland, OH

Imperial Trading Company in New Orleans, LA.

  “Ok.  There are several ways that we save by using on demand P Labels.  

  • Eliminates printing p labels on prior day. 
    • Reduction in personnel who prints and folds all labels the previous day or even the day of receiving.   
  • Increase speed of receiving by as much as 50% on smaller purchase orders and up to 20% or more on large purchase orders.   
    • Eliminates flipping through 1-100+ lines on a stack of preprinted P-Labels.   
    • Can have multiple clerks receive a P.O. and not have to print 2 sets of P-Labels.   
  • Accuracy is increased as clerks will have to scan UPCs rather than finding work arounds. (keying in item # or scanning the item # bar code on the p-label) 
    • Eliminates opportunity for clerk to use the wrong P-Label. (Can possibly cause errors and confusion later by inventory and replenishers as preprinted info does not match item assigned to that P #   
  • Reduction in the number of labels used as we are only using labels that we receive and don’t waste time on reprints for various reasons as well as size change from 4”x6” to 4”x4”.   

Richard Duhon, Imperial Trading Company, New Orleans, LA  

About Us

Since 1993

Kinetix Software Solutions provides expert analysis and custom programming to food distributors currently using NCR Power Warehouse software. With Kinetix, you benefit from the original developer who has over 25 years developing the Power Warehouse software and working with food distributors to ensure that the features work as needed.  

Custom Interfaces

Using state of the art programming tools and techniques, Kinetix has created interfaces to Descartes Perform for Food, Descartes Route Planner On-demand, SAE Driver Pro, SAE Selector Pro, Argent Consulting, and many other custom software packages to give food distributors "the edge" in dealing with the competition.

Going the extra mile...

Kinetix is the solution for food distributors who would rather spend money as needed on a guaranteed, knowledgeable service provider instead of on a maintenance contract with a large organization.   


Ken Peperissa, IT Director

 I've worked with Kevin Wengert since the Spring of '98.  From the beginning it was obvious that Kevin was well acquainted with the world of warehouse operations and the unique challenges it presents within the food distribution industry.  Throughout the various phases of our corporate growth, we relied on Kevin's ability to work with us toward a goal of mutual success.  I felt like a collaborator, not just a customer.  With Kevin it was always about the success of the project and the service provided, not the quarterly bottom line.  Kevin and I spent a few 24-hour days together during some critical implementations.  He was part of the team, not just a consulting coordinator.  He did what it took to insure the transition was as smooth as possible.  

Tim Holland, Sr VP, Operations

 Kevin Wengert has always been a very can do guy for us.  No matter how challenging the issue (and we’ve had plenty of tough issues over the last 10 years or so in our complicated world), Kevin has always taken a positive approach and worked as necessary to get any problem resolved.  I’ve never had to wonder whether we’re going to get an issue adequately resolved.  One way or another Kevin has always been able to “make it happen for us”, even in the toughest of circumstances. 

Terry Higgins, IT Director

 In the 9 years that I have had the opportunity to work with Kevin Wengert he has always amazed me in his abilities. He can quickly access the situation; devise a process to resolve the issue at hand while keeping in mind the long term solution. 


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